welcome to ani-mates! the anime rating and ranking website where me (ko) and some others rate and then rank anime based off their genres! we will rank the anime once the season is over (every ani-mates season is 5 animes long a.k.a we rank 5 animes at a time)

100views HOLY SHIT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 100 VIEWS I CANNOT THANK YOU GUYS MORE FOR YOUR ATTENTION I am so glad i got this chance to be in such an amazing community and i thank every single one of you

one peice

silly luffy

overall good anime i really enjoyed the first few episodes the characters each feel pretty fleshed out and have their own strengths and weaknesses 10/10

demon slayer

i really enjoyed action in the manga and i loved how colorful and viberant the show was, but i feel like it didnt have enough character devolopment overall 9.5/10

what is wired sound?

chainsaw man

silly saw man

honestly chainsaw man is way tp brutal for me, jk im am no bitch ive watched and read attack on titan which is pretty brutal and i really enjoyed chainsaw man also you can say whatever but pochita is the best part of the manga and anime 10/10

darling in the franxx


overall an amazing anime i loved watching it, the action was good, the romance was amazing, and the story keeps you intrested even when you get bored of the other two. 10/10



personally i loved this anime, i liked the action, i loved the characters, and the fan service was there to make you feel akward infront of you freinds 10/10

  1. now we rank the animes from season 1

  2. one peice no.1

  3. darling in the franxx no.2

  4. couldnt dicied so im putting chainsaw man and demon slayer in the no.3 spot

  5. dont kill me but i didnt like it as much as the others so cyberpunk going in the no.4 spot

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